Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Click Management

Using PPC supplies you with various advantages. The most fundamental is that you only get to pay for traffic brought to your site. Utilizing this way you also bring traffic as a result of a ample exposure of your site on the internet.

This method also permits you to control how much you spend on your campaigns. This is because you can analyse when you are doing well and when you need to advertise. In actual sense you can keep on eye the effectiveness of your PPC advertising campaigns

Advantages of doing Adwords Per Per Click:

  • Pay per click gives you instant traffic
  • Pay per click enables you to discover problems with your offer.
  • PPC offer high return on investment if managed proprerly
  • PPC brands your company while selling

What type of Adwords Campaigns do we do?

  • Search
  • Display
  • Google Shopping Listing Ads
  • Display Re-targeting
  • Dynamic Re-targeting
  • Youtube Video Ads

Key features of our Adwords Pay Per Click Management:

  1. Keywords Analysis & Research: We will find the best commercial valued keywords for your campaign
  2. Keywords & Ad Grouping: We will group your keywords by ad group to maximize the best relevance and targeting
  3. Metrics & KPI Analysis: We will analyse and report your campaigns performance through various analytic tools
  4. Split Testing: A/B and multivariate split testing for your ad and landing pages.
  5. Campaign Optimization: We will cancel those unperforming keywords and put emphasis the best ones for maximum ROI
  6. Reporting: You will receive insightful reports with context that will keep you informed about your campaigns performance

Transfer your Adwords account to us!

In the event of having another agency managing your pay per click Adwords campaigns, the first actions to take will be:

  • Carry our own auditory of your PPC campaigns
  • Suspend highly expensive campaigns that aren’t bringing ROI/Conversions.
  • Delete keywords are don’t bring ROI to your PPC campaigns.
  • Allocate more budget to pay per click campaigns that have high ROI.
  • Optimize those PPC campaigns that have high CTR (Click through rate) but don’t convert.
  • Advise you about profitable keywords that can be also used on you SEO strategy